Song Premiere : South of Santa Fe

Splitting her time between Santa Fe and Nashville, Americana songstress CoCo O'Connor makes music that reflects the culture of both cities. With its deep pedal steel, aching vocals, and sharp songwriting, her latest track, “South of Santa Fe,” delivers the type of country music sound that transcends time.

“I have a place 20 minutes south of Santa Fe on the Turquoise Trail,” O’Connor says. “Legend has it that Santa Fe will either embrace you or spit you out, and this song addresses some of that notion and the beauty that draws and keeps people there. Judy Rodman, who did backgrounds on the record, said to me, ‘You must live with a lot of ghosts.’ She’s right — I do live with a lot of ghosts. In this song, I just gave them names.”

Get an exclusive first listen to O’Connor’s “South of Santa Fe,” here.

Coco O'Connor