"This Ol' War" debuts "down under" in that glorious land of Australia...

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Alabama born belle Coco O'Connor fights love battles in This Old War - title track of her second album that followed debut album Turquoise.

“I wanted to write a song that expressed my frustration with the battles that go on in a relationship,” Coco revealed.

“You have arguments and they are essentially the same old fight or war just a different topic. These battles can be within ourselves and in the personal relationships that we may have between our parents, lovers, children, jobs and even the Creator.”

Coco was born near Muscle Shoals in Alabama and lives on 10 acres on a mountain side at Santa Fe , New Mexico.

“My husband and I bought the cheapest place we could find,” Coco added.

“It had no running water or electricity when we got it. It had an outhouse and yes, we used that for about a year. We almost died from pneumonia because we had to take a bath on the front porch with tarps around to keep the elements out. We fixed it up over 6 or 7 years and it's really something special now. Because of that experience I like to say ‘I am a country girl who became a frontier woman.”


Coco O'Connor