Mama Music

Me and my baby singing my song “Angels Come” . We were spending some time at Nana’s house and I captured this little ditty. It’s put alot of smiles on people’s face across the social networks so I thought I’d share it here on my blog. 

Well , this video was taken after my NYC trip. You can still hear that I am a little stuffy and not quite singing like I should. I was really sick all 4 days I was in NYC showcasing at the APAP Conference. It was great to get the band together ( Billy Harvey  and Dony Wynn and Taylor O’Connor) again and we of course had a good time and the shows went really well. Now fingers crossed we can get some international gigs outta those showcases.

I am back in Nashville for a few weeks I think.I’ve got some writing sessions and meetings so until next time…..Please find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Love, Coco

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