Faith , Hope, Love

On a morning run a couple days ago, I had the most calming feeling come over me. I believe it ‘twas Christmas Eve and of course, that is probably one of the easiest days to open one’s self up to “peace”. I wasn’t really focused on the Christmas celebration it was more a sense of hope that was strong in my heart. But hey, I guess all of those things “Faith, Hope, and Love” is really what the Spirit of Christmas brings, right?

So now about this overwhelming sense of hope. I subscribe to the thought that God is a God of increase and that He is always allowing experiences to help us expand emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It is my hope that we all increase our faith so we can bring love to others  whether it be by song, art, words or deed. 

If you are like me,  kind of late to doing a lot of things in life….then take heart and let me tell you….like fine wine , things only get better with age. So never let go of those dreams in your heart and if you have let go then pick them back up. There has never been a better time to do so. I am here to tell you …you are never too old to start or to ‘pick up where you left off’. 

God bless and here’s to the New Year with faith, hope and love.


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