This is my new “touring machine” . The first show…

This is my new “touring machine” . The first show she will be going to is beautiful Johnson City TN this Friday. I sure wished we would’ve had her a few weeks ago when we did the mini tour with @gleewood (Gleewood ) but we didn’t and that was ok cause we had a great time with that band. I highly recommend you check them out. Hopefully there will be more gigs with them in the future. I will keep u posted. 
So after the December 16 show I’m headed back to Santa Fe for the holidaze. I thought I posted some birthday pics and Thanksgiving pics but I don’t think I did. So apologies as it has been awhile. I got some exciting things in the mix and I’m looking forward to sharing them. 
The farmhouse here in TN is a slow process. It’s really a bummer and some days can be challenging but with the new touring machine … well let’s say that’s improved some things. Now we can be online ( in the trailer our internet was/is nada) , stay warm while I work and rehearse and maybe even get to use our own shower. The shower is still debatable. And if you are wondering just read the previous posts about our remodel from hell and the shower situation.
Anyways, Nashville is opening up her arms and well it’s good to be a gypsy.

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