Well, I’ve been a bit down over the last few days. I have the…

November 18, 2016

Well, I’ve been a bit down over the last few days. I have the small victories here and there that keep me going and then I’ll lose a battle or two … which sends me into a rabbit hole of questions like “what am I doing this for” and if “when if ever will a breakthrough come” and “what if ” and on and on and on…..
However , as with most artists it’s important to take a step back away from the canvas and reflect on the brush strokes that have made their mark. The canvas most visible is the farmhouse . We had the contractors come first of the week. They did the roof and have begun some interior work. While the roof didn’t really excite me the interior has. The front door has let a lot of light in. They took the scariest , dark , creepy room and given it new life. Even last night , the house was lit up and I just knew in my spirit that the farmhouse has its own energy and is pleased that we are fixing it up.
In this digital era and “music city”, there is a trend to tear down old houses and replace them with something “new ” and “modern”. I find that thinking to be a shame. Quite frankly it should be against the law. Just because something is old and needs work does not make it invaluable . But in this American culture that prizes youth over wisdom and age … thus you have a thinking that permeates right down into the walls of homes and the lives of its inhabitants . Ok I’ll stop before I get on some tangent… but you can see where I’m going , right?
The other canvas which I’m looking at is not so tangible at the moment and that is the canvas of music. I go to these events where I “ pitch” my songs to industry peeps. It’s really the most gut wrenching thing I subject myself too. I envy those who don’t give a rat’s pa-too-tie about this kinda stuff. I have no idea what propels me to do this on a consistent basis . It makes me question my sanity but it is something I feel like I must do. Thus I do it… and like last week have what I call a success in the fact they “selected” the song and did not “pass” on it. This week was a “pass”.
Yet once again a small victory wrapping up the end of the week… 6 shows are booked for the month of December. This wonderful band Gleewood is allowing me to open some New Mexico / Colorado shows ( 4 to be exact) for them the first week of December. Then back to Tennessee for 2 more December shows and then a little break for Christmas .
Since this is an it of a rant I’ll post those dates later. Thanks for listening and the purple room in the pics is the one that has gone from the “dark to light”. Still in the trailer how do u like my makeshift makeup mirror?

Always building some mountain…